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Can urban design strategies promote sustainable urban future?

Urban Design Lab

ChengHe Guan is a Research Fellow at the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. He taught an urban design studio, a research seminar on spatial analysis, and a lecture course on urban design and spatial formation at Harvard Graduate School of Design and Harvard College in the last three years. Dr. Guan is a consultant for the PEAK Urban program at COMPAS, University of Oxford and the World Bank urban development sector. He will teach an urban design course Spatial Dynamics of Urban China in NYU Shanghai in Spring 2019 as an Assistant Professor of Urban Design.


He received his doctoral degree from the Department of Urban Planning and Design, Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. His recent publications including using cellular automata models to investigate network of cities and towns:




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Guan, C (2018) Spatial distribution of high-rise buildings and its relationship to public transit development in Shanghai. Transport Policy. In press. (SSCI)



Guan, C and Peiser, R. (2018) Accessibility, urban form, and property value: A study of Pudong, Shanghai. Journal of Transport and Land Use. In Press. (SSCI)

Guan, C., & Rowe, P. G. (2018). In pursuit of a well-balanced network of cities and towns: A case study of the Changjiang Delta Region in China. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, 45(3), 548-566. (SSCI)




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